Hints & Tips

Single Player Game (SP)

The objective is to move up the tiers to the highest level possible.

The first time you play the Single Player game you will start on Tier 1.

Each Tier is made up of 5 Grids that you play to accumulate a score.

You’re objective is to accumulate a total score for the 5 Grids that is higher than the target score to open the next Tier.

You can play a Tier as many times as you like to try to beat the target score or to try to achieve your best score for that Tier, or to even try to beat or create the best score in the world for that Tier.

Some Tiers will be harder to get through than others…see how high you can go.

Single Player Hint 1

If your total score for a Tier does not beat the target score you can just keep playing the same Tier until you beat it.

Single Player Hint 2

There are always 5 grids of words to complete in the lower level Tiers. The letters are always the same for the same grid but the grids are delivered in a random sequence.
Try to remember some of the letters to help you recognise what other letters may be coming to you for that particular grid. This will help you in positioning letters to score more highly.

Single Player Hint 3

If you are making a ‘hash’ of a particular grid you can forfeit the game, the same grid will be available to play again in that Tier.

Single Player Hint 4

Sometimes you may have played a few grids in a particular Tier and you realise that even if you complete the last grids you will not beat the target score.
Abandon the whole Tier and start again.

Single Player Hint 5

Some Tiers are harder than others to get through, some may seem almost impossible, but they are not.
Keep going. Every Tier can be cracked with the right combinations of letters.


Player versus Player (PvP)

The objective is to beat the opposing player in a match to win as many coins as possible and upgrade your skill level.

PvP Hint 1

Don’t panic! It’s only a game.

PvP hint 2

Try to avoid playing really clever people, if you are ‘the really clever person’ then play anybody!

PvP Hint 3

Don’t forfeit games, any game is ‘winnable’ even with the very last letter, also you won’t get your winning or losing XP if you forfeit.


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