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No, your data is associated with your device-id, as long as you are on the same device your historical data, your XP Level, game history, coins total etc. will remain the same.

At the moment you can only directly challenge other Facebook friends that have the GridWordz App loaded. Player versus Player challenges are available if you do not have a Facebook account or don’t want to use your Facebook account.

The current version of GridWordz only supports Facebook sign up. Signing up with Facebook gives you secure account access, allows you to play on any device and lets you challenge and play any of your Facebook friends.

“Only if you have a Facebook account that you use to sign in.
If you don’t use a Facebook sign in you can play on any device as a guest but this will be an account only associated with that device, if it is the first time you have loaded the App on that device you will be starting from scratch.”

Yes, but a guest account is only associated with one device, i.e. phone, tablet etc. and all data associated with that guest account is only for that device.

Unlocking Games

In the current version of GridWordz you can only unlock the higher value games and the bigger grid games (VI & VII) by increasing your skill level through playing PvP matches.


To unlock the Intermediate game in multiplayer you need to get your skill up to Level 5.

As you increase your skill level further games will unlock.

Advanced: Unlock Level =10

Pro: Unlock Level =15

Expert: Unlock Level =20

Master: Unlock Level =25

Grand Master: Unlock Level =30

6 by 6 (VI) grid games unlock at level 10

7 by 7 (VII) grid games unlock at level 20

Starting Grid

That is Ok, there is no maximum.

“If you have not entered the required number of valid starting words with the minimum required number of vowels by the time your starting clock time runs out the system will automatically generate some valid staring words for you to play with.
See some game strategy hints on how this might affect the outcome of a game.”

No. Valid vowels for the starting words vowel count are A, E, I, O, and U.

“There are a minimum number of total vowels required for starting words.
5 Vowels for a 5 by 5 game
6 Vowels for a 6 by 6 game
7 Vowels for a 7 by 7 game”

Starting words are validated against the GridWordz word list which is based on the ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) word list.

When you have been matched with an opponent your clock starts ticking when they have confirmed their starting words. If you confirm your starting words first their clock will start ticking.

Once your clock is ticking you have 8 seconds to complete and confirm your starting words.

If you don’t confirm your words in time the system will randomly select 5, 6 or 7 (depending on what grid size game you are playing) valid starting words for you to play with.

A key part of the game strategy is which starting words you chose.

Yes, you can press the ‘dice’ icon to individually change a word or press the one at the bottom of the screen to change all words or you can change any word by typing one in as long as the word you enter is valid?

If you are typing a word and your starting clock runs out before it is confirmed as a valid word then the system will randomly select another 5/6/7 valid words as your starting words…so be quick if you are typing a word in!



Theoretically the maximum score for a 7 line is 77.
If you can work out how to do this let us know, we will be impressed!

Theoretically the maximum score for a 6 line is 50.

Theoretically the maximum score for a 5 line is 30.

“The current versions of GridWordz that are available to play do not allow scoring on diagonal lines. There are more versions of the game yet to be released, one of these will allow scoring on horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.
Scoring for words on diagonal lines changes the game strategy, for example centre positions become much more important.”

There is no definitive answer to how many words there are in the English Language. Including words in current use, obsolete words and derivative words the number is approximately 250,000. Additionally, there are scientific and medical terms, words derived from Latin, Greek etc.
The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use and 47,156 obsolete words. To this may be added around 9,500 derivative words included as subentries. Add on to that words that are evolving daily and the fact that ‘Americanisation’ of original English spelling creates additional entries it is a ‘moving feast’.
GridWordz scoring includes pluralised words
“If you think you have scored for a word that doesn’t exist click on the word in your word list for that game and it will give you a definition for the word.
If there is no definition please let us know.”

A valid scoring word is any word of two (2) letters or more that appears in the GridWordz word definition list which is based on the ENABLE word list.

“Points are scored for every valid word of two (2) or more letters. If by placing a letter you create multiple words, you will score a point for each letter in each word created.
For Example: If you place The Letter A in between a P and T you will make the words, PA, PAT and AT, the total score for this would be 7.
Please Note: Scoring words are only counted on Horizontal or Vertical lines.”

PvP Game Play

The GridWordz App is designed to automatically time a player out if they have more than two 30 second delays during any single PvP match.

Delays caused by network disconnection or poor network connections are the normal culprit, so like any PvP game try to make sure you have a good connection during gameplay.

The GridWordz games are timed games, and the clock is an important part of the game. If a player lets their timer completely run down more than twice during a PvP match  they will automatically forfeit the match.

The system will automatically send the next available letter from your ‘Starting Words’ grid position starting from ‘top left to bottom right’

The letter will automatically be placed in the next available position starting from ‘top left to bottom right’


There is no messaging feature included in the APP. You can send emojis during game play to let your opponent know how you’re feeling!


To be able to play opponents on a VI (6) or VII (7) grid you have to level up your account.

The 6 by 6 option will become available to you when you reach Level 10 and 7 by 7 when you reach Level 20.



The original game was a parlour game that people would play around the dining table. It naturally lends itself to being played by two people who can converse over the game in the same room, much like chess, particularly for the larger grid games.

If you want to play a specific person i.e. a friend, a partner etc. the only way to directly challenge them is for you both to be signed on to your Facebook accounts and to be Facebook friends. If you don’t have a Facebook account there is no other way at present to directly challenge someone. However, if you select a game category and time your challenge you may get lucky and get the person you are looking for. Once you have got someone you want the rematch option allows you to continue playing the same person.


“As long as someone else is trying to find a match in the same category you should get a match. GridWordz does not use robots. If you get a match you are playing a real person somewhere in the world. If you can’t find a match why not try playing the single player game?”

The 7 by 7 game is available once you have reached Level 20.

The 6 by 6 game is available once you have reached Level 10.

The higher value matches become available as you ‘level up’. For example you can play Intermediate Level matches once you have reaced Level 5. The highest Level available is Grand Master, this Level is accessible when you have reached Level 30.


You can only see your Facebook Friends leaderboard if you are signed in with your Facebook account.

If you can’t see it you are probably in the App as a guest and haven’t signed in yet.


Your National and Local Leaderboard is determined by the registered location of the server that you are using to connect to the Internet.

The leaderboards are ‘dynamic’ and which ones you appear in will vary depending on where you are when you connect to the game.

General Problems

Like most PvP games, if a player drops out, closes the App mid game, stops responding to the playing conditions or has an intermittent/bad connection we try to handle this through the App but we can’t cater for all scenarios.

If the App is totally disconnected from the server the amount of control we have to be able to ‘tidy up’ the current game or account is limited.

If you are completely stuck the only option is to close the App and restart.




You can play GridWordz without a Facebook account but you will not be able to do direct challenges.

Disconnecting During Game-play

As with most player versus player (PvP) games you need to ensure you retain a good connection throughout a game.

In most instances, if your connection is lost or becomes intermittent you will see a twirling hourglass.

This hourglass is displayed when the GridWordz App on your device is trying to communicate with the GridWordz server and can’t get through.

The game is built to allow for up to two 30 second timeouts or delays per game, more than this will result in the game being forfeited.

If you timeout of a game the match will automatically be forfeited on your behalf and your opponent will be awarded the win coins and XP.



Challenge Friends

To be able to challenge and play a specific person you have to be logged on to GridWordz with a Facebook account, if you are, the Challenge A Friend option will give you a list of all your Facebook friends that are currently active on the App and you can select any one of them for a game.

If there are no names showing in the list this is because you have no Facebook friends currently active on the App.


Yes, you can access the reward adverts in the coin shop.

The reward adverts are 30 seconds long and when completed will add 30 Gridcoinz to your account.

The number of reward adverts that you can watch will vary based on the Advert servers,  the average is 5 per day.

All in-game adverts can be stopped after 5 seconds so that you can continue with your game.

Once 5 seconds is up you will see an indicator that you can press to exit the advert and return to the game.

The type of ‘exit indicator’ displayed will vary based on the advert being served, generally, it will be a >> in the top left-hand corner of your screen or an X in a circle in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

The GridWordz App displays in-game adverts at certain points in the Single Player and PvP modes.

Any purchase in the coin shop will remove adverts from the game.

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